Advantages of Kiln Dried Timber Slabs for Benches, Furniture

Kiln dried timber bench topKiln dried timber slabs are best for timber benches, timber furniture and all types of industries and applications.
There are many ways to dry wood before it is used in finished products including air drying, solar drying, and kiln drying. Consider a few of the kiln drying advantages here.

  1. The drying conditions are controlled better with kiln.
    The temperature, relative humidity, and air circulation are better controlled with kiln drying than with all other forms of drying.This in turn allows for better control of the final moisture content of the wood.Some moisture may need to still be left in the wood before it’s used for construction or any type of woodworking, so with kiln drying the wood can be removed from drying bins during various phases of the drying process and the exact moisture content controlled. When you use kiln dried timer slabs you know you’re getting the wood you need for your particular application, with exactly the right moisture content.
  2. Kiln drying is not affected by weather conditions.
    When using air drying or solar drying methods, erratic weather conditions can affect how the wood is dried.In turn, it can take longer to achieve the moisture content needed and the drying conditions cannot be controlled as readily. Unsaturated air is used in kiln drying methods, unlike with air drying and solar drying. The moisture in the air surrounding the wood being dried will affect its final moisture content, but this can be difficult if not impossible to control with air or solar drying methods. Kiln drying is again more effective and precise.
  3. Drying degrade is better controlled.
    When wood is dried it shrinks because it degrades slightly, and this degradation can adversely affect the quality of the wood. With air drying and solar drying, this degrading process cannot be controlled. With kiln drying, the degradation is controlled because the atmosphere is so closely controlled. Choosing kiln dried timer slabs means wood that is not brittle and prone to cracking, as may be the case with other forms of drying. Consider these reasons why kiln dried wood may be the best choice for your raw materials.

Timber We Use (subject to availability)
• Blue Gum
• Blackbutt
• Camphor Laurel
• Red Cedar
• White Cedar
• Yellow Sassy
• Maidens Blush
• Pine
• Spotted Gum
• Lemon scented Gum
• Rose gum
• White Gum
• Brush Box
• Silky Oak
• Tallowwood
• Turpentine
• Grey Gum

Dried timber is used in most woodworking projects and construction as wood will absorb or lose moisture according to its environment. This can cause shrinking or expansion of the wood over time. When wood is dried before use in construction or woodworking this will keep it from shifting out of shape in this way.
There are many ways to dry wood before it is used in finished products including air drying, solar drying and kiln drying. As we have demonstrated, kiln drying timber is the best.

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